What is AKA Beauty?

Pronounced A-K-A Beauty

AKA BEAUTY is a beauty box subscription service for darker skin tones. 

We know all too well that hunting for quality beauty products that work for your skin tone can be expensive and frustrating, so AKA Beauty does the work for you.

We connect you with brands that cater to all the magical shades of melanin! We pick the best beauty products, package them and deliver them right to your door. 


Like most darker skinned beauty aficionados based in the UK, Founder and CEO of AKA Beauty, Tracey Akamaguna was used to trekking from one side to the other just to get make-up and skin care products that actually worked for her skin tone. This grew even more tasking when she moved temporarily to study Law at the University of York, often having to bulk buy products when she travelled back to London during term end. 

After graduating, Tracey moved back to London and began her career in HR, working for some of the most successful  companies in the financial and professional services sector. However, every time her make-up bag needed refilling, she faced the same issue of accessing brands easily that catered for  her. She spoke to enough of her girlfriends to know that she wasn't the only one with this issue. So, in 2019, Tracey founded AKA Beauty and a community was born. Her love for and the popularity of the subscription business model made it a no-brainer when it came to figuring out how best to ensure women of colour were able to access great brands easily. 

As Tracey continues to grow AKA Beauty's portfolio of partners, she works hard to ensure that that all the products featured are chosen with the customers needs at the forefront. 


Every quarter, AKA Beauty will deliver at LEAST 4-5 high quality products for just £25. Each product is chosen with darker skin tones in mind, with the aim of allowing women of colour to discover easily current and emerging beauty brands that cater to them.

Our priority is the customer and feedback is important to us - we encourage customers to go to our Reviews page and provide honest feedback on the products so not only can we all learn from each other, but the brands can also learn from our community what is/isn't working!

We aim to go beyond the box and provide beauty advice and news specifically relevant to our community in The Beauty Blog


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The AKA Beauty Team