What's the fuss about K-Beauty?

Hello AKA Beauties!

black women in bed of water

We wanted to talk to you about Korean Beauty, also widely known as K-Beauty. As people of colour, we are unfortunately used to being sold products that claim to be for our skin tone but are not. However, what about the products that aren’t typically marketed to us but are actually great for us?! We are here to tell you that K-Beauty fits into this latter category.

So, what is K Beauty?

K Beauty is a simple skincare step routine originating from Korea that helps you achieve that youthful and luminous, glowing skin. Typically, there are 10 steps to the K-Beauty routine which may seem lengthy but if followed, can achieve that clear skin you have always wanted.

The full 10 step routine looks something like this:

  1. (Make Up Remover) and Oil Cleanser
  2. Water-based cleanser
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Tone
  5. Essence
  6. Treatments including serums
  7. Sheet Mask
  8. Eye Cream
  9. Moisturiser
  10. SPF

Not all the steps will need to be followed every day. For example, exfoliation should only be done 2/3 times a week. The night-time routine will also always be more rigorous than your daytime routine. Like with anything, the process needs to be adapted to suit you.

Why does it work for darker skin tones?

As Korean culture typically promotes “porcelain” skin and “whitening”, so it’s no surprise that people of colour are hesitant to try it.

Although skin bleaching is still a popular practice in Korea, there’s a misconception that these bleaching agents typically appear in their usual skincare routine. The term “whitening” also tends to throw people off but actually the term can also be used synonymously with “brightening” with no bleaching ingredients involved whatsoever. This actually makes it great for darker skin tones as there is a focus on hyper pigmentation and clearing dark spots, which people of colour tend to struggle with. The ingredients focus on renewing the skin and getting rid of dead skin cells, as opposed to bleaching the actual skin!

The K-Beauty skin care regimen is packed with nutrients and its skincare steps apply to all skin tones regardless of colour – making sure that your skin stays cleansed, hydrated and even protected from the sun! This is definitely one regimen that we as people of colour should not sleep on!