About the AKA Beauty x Skin Library Box Collaboration Box (Q2)

Hello AKA Beauties!

The wait is finally over! We’ve had this one planned for a while and we are really excited to bring you our SEVEN step K-Beauty box in collaboration with Skin Library (www.skinlibrary.co.uk).


A bit about Skin Library

Skin Library specialize in curating a wide range of the best beauty products from South Korea so that you can glow and go. Their team of librarians have devoted themselves to curating the best skincare products, ensuring that everyone can attain the best version of their skin. What WE love about them here at AKA Beauty is their products are INCLUSIVE. Whatever your skin ailment, best believe they have a product for it!

Still worried that K Beauty is not for you? Why not check out our article “What’s the fuss about K- Beauty?

So, what can you expect?

AKA Beauty and Skin Library have worked closely together and handpicked a selection of 7 full size and mini beauty products that work for all the shades of melanin, with a particular focus on brightening the skin and dealing with hyperpigmentation which we all know people of colour are more susceptible to!

We don’t want to give TOO much away but the steps you CAN expect to be covered are the famous double cleansing, toning, essence, serum, masks and moisturising. Did we also mention that this box is worth over £65?! And you can get all this beauty must haves for £25. I mean, this is a no brainer right?

And when you do fall in love with these products, you can just head over to www.skinlibrary.co.uk and top up your skincare bag!